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Bladder Support

2.6 oz
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Soothe Occasional Urges & Support Bladder Health with Cranberry, Coriander, Uva Ursi &; Parsley* No one wants life to be constantly interrupted with trips to the bathroom at the most inopportune moments. Overactive bladders can cause sudden, intense urges in both women and men, and for a variety of reasons. Bladder Support provides a plant-based supplement option that encourages normal urinary muscle elasticity and tone for people with occasional bladder leakage concerns.* It contains 13 whole herbs blended in special combination to help soothe bladder urgency and encourage healthy urine flow “helping you better control when you go."* For ongoing (vs. occasional) issues, try Bladder Strength, a slightly different herb combination made with herbal extracts to address further bladder discomfort.* Depending on your unique body chemistry, one or the other formula may work better for you.*

60 Veggie Capsules