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NativeRemedies® Migraine Ease Tablets

2.2 oz
3 in stock

Migraine Ease is a safe, non-addictive, natural remedy containing 100 percent homeopathic ingredients selected to temporarily ease the throbbing pounding headache pain of a migraine. It works quickly to relieve dull or frontal headaches, reduce light and noise sensitivity, relieve nausea and dizziness. The homeopathic remedy works on both left and right sided migraines and eases the blurred vision that may accompany a migraine headache. This migraine remedy contains a selection of homeopathic ingredients known to relieve migraine symptoms.

Migraine Ease is:

* Natural * Gentle on the Stomach, Liver and Kidneys * Safe and side-effect free * Non-drowsy * Non-habit forming * Contains no aspirin or NSAIDs * Has no known drug interactions